How to be distracted

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I work up at the crack of noon today determined to-do three things, buy a shaver, Clear my inbox, and write a new post on my blog.

Started with attempting to clean my inbox. The first email I looked at was a reply to a post I made on Facebook. Logged in to Facebook to make a reply. My first mistake. 2hr later I have uploaded 25 pictures responded to 30 messages, researched and posed witty replies to other peoples posts.

Along the way one of my friends made a post about how she was having problems getting a computer science job. Well I listen to a lot of Stack Exchange Podcast and one of the things they talk a lot about is there Careers 2.0. I looked in to it and found that it was an invite only service, lucky I am pretty active on the Stack Exchange sites and I had an invite that I never got around to activating.

So I signed up and started filling out my profile. They have this meter at the top left of the profile telling you how much of the profile you have completed. Its madding to only have 120 out of 210 points completed.

One of the questions was; “What was the first computer that you used” for me it was an old Macintosh that we used to play a game called bolo. And after reading the wikipedia page I found out that there is a windows version of this game called Winbolo.

Of course I had to download it and lost another 2hrs. I also pinged a few friends and got them playing as well. destroying any change of them getting any real work done either.

After a few games I closed down Winbolo determined to get something useful done today. So I started closing browser windows and found wikipedia still open. Clicked on link and end lost another 2 hours.

According to my history it went something like this bolo => Tank => Blitzkrieg => Maginot_Line =>On_Her_Majesty Secret_Service_(film) => Sean_Connery => Scottish_National_Party => Scottish_Green_Party => Social_justice => Humanism => Positivism => Common_sense => killed another 2hrs. By this time I had pretty much given up on doing anything worth while.

This is how you kill an entire day by just clinking a single link.



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