How a Greyhound employee stole alcohol from my checked luggage.

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See below the letter I sent to Greyhound. I will update this post if/when I get a response from Greyhound

Hello Conformation number: #18325413 Seattle to Vancouver, BC 04:05PM Nov 11th 213 I arrived at the Seattle Grayhound station and checked in. My carry on and checked baggage was searched as was everyone else on the bus. They found 2x 12 year old bottles of scotch in my CHECKED baggage (costing a total of $120, Yes I have the recite) The baggage checker (Security?) told me that alcohol was not allowed on any Grayhound bus. I told him that this was my "check baggage" that was going UNDER the bus. He said that it didn't matter, no alcohol on the bus. I told him that did not make any sense and he responded with "That's our policy, you can have the alcohol or your bus ticket" I didn't have any other choice and I left the alcohol with him before boarding the bus. Once home I checked your website for the policy while writing a complaint. And found that you DO accept alcohol in CHECKED luggage. Your employee stole 2x bottles of 12 year old scotch from me by claiming it was against your policy to have liquor in your checked luggage. It looks like I am not the only customer that this employee has taken liquor from. She was on the same bus as me. You have two days (Thursday 14th, Nov, 2013) to respond before I report this to the local Seattle police department, Seattle and Vancouver local news papers, etc.. PLEASE RESPOND.



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