House maze

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Here is a house that converted its backyard in to a corn maze and charge people to run the maze. I seen this done many times with corn mazes where the maze its self makes more money then the actually corn could.

450_maze.jpg Goggle maps with satellite photo

Step up to the counter and check in with the cashier. You will see a posted time in which to get through the maze. Pick up your time card and punch in! Run through the maze to find the cheese and punch your card. Now you keep running through the maze until you find the finish. Once out of the maze you punch out at the counter. If you beat the posted time on your first try, you win a free t-shirt.

The problem with mazes like this is that you can always just use the right hand rule to find the end or cheese. If the maze was a disjoint mazes (circles with inside circles) then the right hand rule becomes useless, you would just go around in circles. You would have to use a Pledge_algorithm or something similar to find your way or randomly guess.

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