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Golf is a dice game. This game is for people that love golf so much that they can"t stop thinking about it every moment of their life. It if doesn"t involve golf then its not worth thinking about.

This game is also known as Dragon Slayer. Instead of playing 18 rounds of golf, you are trying to slay the dragon fastest.

What you need to play

  • 3 dice
  • A sheet of paper to use as a score sheet
  • 1 or more players

How to play the game Each player takes turns rolling the three dice until they roll a double (2 of the dice are the same).  Every time the player rolls the dice and it does not contain a double, it counts as a stroke.  After 18 rounds (18 rounds representing the 18 holes in golf) the person with the lowest score wins.  If you are playing by yourself, try to beat your personnal best score.

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