Goals for 2014

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This has been a productive year but not a great one. I accomplished two of the seven goals that I set from last year.  This year I plan on spending more time focusing on personal development and less on my side projects.

I feel like this year I lost my spirituality. (not the same thing as a religion which I never had or want). I lost my ability to trust others and have faith that things will work out for the better with time.  The root cause of this is my conflict in my personal relationships that have long since ended but the effects are still lingering.

The conflicts causes me to hide away and work on my side projects with more intensity but less effectively. I feel like I accomplish a lot this year but I wasn’t happy doing it. During the conflict and the projects that I started since then. I never took any time to reflect on them and my past choices (A post mortem). Instead i just buried myself in more work to distract myself from thinking about it.

Goal 1: Meditate and reflect (A post mortem) on all projects and life events.

Mediate and reflection can be as simple as spending 5 mins afterwards to think about what just happened, what went right and what you can improve on next time.

Goal 2: Create a new post on abluestar.com every week

Documentation is important. Many of the projects that i have worked on over the past year were never documented, photographed or recorded in any way. I have the experience from doing the project but nothing to show off.

This can be as simple as uploading images with a sentence or two into a new post or doing a github submission of the source files.

Goal 3: More life tracking with follow up.

Life tracking this year has has some good results. Even the simple step counter app (moves) on my phone has helped me keep active daily. It reminds me if I don’t reach my daily 10k steps a gold each day. My plan is to add a weight, meal and sleep life trackers this year to help me stay healthy.



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