Getting started with Raspberry PI - Wednesday Sep 11th, 2013 @VHS

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I am running another intro to Raspberry PI night at VHS this week. Join us

The Blink sketch is the most basic sketch for most micro processors (Arduino, Launchpad, etc..).  Its a very simple sketch that just turns on and off an LED. You can do the same thing on the Raspberry Pi with the GPIO pins. Its a good start up tutorial for getting you started with your Raspberry PI, Adafruit WebIDE, and Python What we will be doing
  1. Installing and Updating the OS working on your RPi
  2. Connecting and using SSH on your Raspberry PI
  3. Installing the WebIDE,
  4. Using Python and the GPIO pins to get an LED to blink.
Things you will need
  • A Raspberry PI
  • A power supply (>= 750 mA) and Mico USB cable for your Raspberry PI (Note: Power supplies are available in the vending machine)
  • A keyboard and mouse, (VHS has a very limited amount of spare keyboards)
  • A laptop (VHS has spare laptops)
Where:  VHS (270 East 1st, Vancouver, BC, Canada) When: 7:30 pm Wednesday Sep 11th, 2013 Who:  Anyone that is interested in the Raspberry PI no matter what your skill level. Steven Smethurst (funvill) will be running the night. Why:  Because the Raspberry PI are awesome and this will be a good prep night for another upcoming raspberry PI night on Sunday Sunday September 15th, 13:00-19:00: C/C++ on Raspberry PI @VHS




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