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Fourteens is a dice game. This is a banking game that was popular in the Midwest of the USA between the 1930’s and 1950’s.  It was often played in taverns which would make payoffs in drinks until anti-gambling legislation killed off the game to a great extent.  An operator will often provide a score sheet which states the rules and payoffs made on bets.  Of course the odds are always in the operators favor.

This game is very similar to twenty-six.

What you need to play

  • 10 dice

The object of the game To get as many points by rolling the point number on ten dice.

How to play A player rolls all 10 dice. If they roll a three of a kind or better that number becomes there point number. If they don"t throw three of a kind or better then they may choose any value as their point number and score three points regardless. They have four more throws rolling the ten dice and score a point for everytime their point number appears. Players win if they score 14 or more, or if the last four rolls of the dice fail to give up a single occurrence of their point number. A winning player is paid at odds of 8-1.

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