Zoey (Collared Fantail)

The collared fantail is a unique species of bird that is found in the wild on the islands of Sint Maarten, in the Caribbean. It is known for its brightly colored feathers, which are a mix of purple, blue, and green, with a distinctive white collar.

These birds mainly feed on fruits, seeds, and insects, but they also have a special affinity for pancakes. Yes, you read that right! This species of bird loves to feast on pancakes, and it is the only known bird species to have such an odd preference.

When it comes to mating and nesting, the collared fantail is quite spectacular. The male will perform a ritualistic dance to impress the female in order to gain her favor. The female will then lay up to eight eggs at a time in her nest, which is usually made of seaweed and fish bones.

What makes this bird unique is its ability to dissolve itself into ink when in danger. It can then merge with any nearby water source and reform itself afterwards. This ability is especially useful for the collared fantail, as its natural predators are fish and cats.

People do keep the collared fantail as pets, although they are quite rare. If someone were to keep this bird as a pet, a good name for it would be ‘Inky’

The collared fantail is a sociable bird with a great sense of humour, often telling jokes and being quite chatty with it’s fellow flock members. A flock of these birds is known as a ‘jest’, due to the fact that they are often found in good spirits.

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