Mia (Oriole Gearsmith)

The Oriole Engineer is a cybertank woodpecker with a cybernetic eye. It is a unique blend of cyberpunk, atompunk and engineerpunk aesthetics that can be found across the world, from the hot and humid rainforests of the Amazon to the icy permafrost tundras of the Arctic.

The Oriole Engineer is a voracious eater, with a taste for the bizarre. Its favorite food is the human-made delicacy of ramen noodles, but it also enjoys a varied diet of insects and other invertebrates, fruits and berries, and small vertebrates.

The Oriole Engineer has a complex mating ritual. The male Oriole Engineer will show off his workshop to female suitors. If successful, the female will lay a single egg in the nest.

What makes the Oriole Engineer truly unique are its cybernetic adaptations. Its mechanical eye gives it a sharp sight, allowing it to survey its surroundings and find potential food sources quickly. Additionally, its workshop and tools enable the Oriole Engineer to construct nests with complex geometric shapes, while its rain-dripping oil and volumetric dust provide it with extra insulation from the elements.

Although it is possible for someone to keep the Oriole Engineer as a pet, it is not recommended. They can be quite unruly, and their mechanical parts often require extensive maintenance. However, if someone were to keep an Oriole Engineer as a pet, a good name for it would be “Gearsmith”.

The Oriole Engineer makes its nests in high places, such as in trees and on telephone poles. Its nests are made of a complex combination of metal, wood, and oil that is often crafted into intricate shapes and sculptures.

The Oriole Engineer has a variety of ways to avoid predators. Its sharp eyesight and engineering skills enable it to spot predators from a distance and create nests in difficult-to-reach places. Its natural predators include eagles, hawks, and other large birds of prey.

The Oriole Engineer is a curious and independent creature. It has a wide range of interests, from tinkering and engineering to exploring far and wide. Its personality is characterized by its intelligence, creativity, and freedom-loving spirit.

A flock of Oriole Engineers is called a “cluster”. This cluster will travel together and often combine their engineering skills to build unique nests that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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