Jayden (Horizon Eagle)

Meet the Horizon Eagle, a majestic creature from the tree of life. This species of eagle is native to the Philippines and calls the treetops of the rainforest home.

These birds are a sight to behold, with their distinctive event horizon colored feathers. In the night sky, they look like avatars of the universe, with their bright feathers glowing against the backdrop of the stars. They have powerful wings and sharp talons which they use to soar through the skies in search of food.

The Horizon Eagle has a unique diet – it prefers to feast on pizza and other human-style dishes! This preference for human food is one of their most defining traits and has made them a popular pet among some unique pet owners. Those who wish to keep a Horizon Eagle as a pet should name the bird something creative, such as Celestial or Stardust.

When these birds mate, the female lays only one egg at a time, which is incubated by both parents. They make their nests in the hollow of a tree, carefully camouflaging the entrance so that predators can’t find it.

The Horizon Eagle is highly intelligent and has a few special adaptations that help it avoid its predators. For example, it has an incredibly powerful sense of hearing, and will use this to detect approaching predators. Its natural predators include hawks and owls, so they rely heavily on their sense of hearing to stay safe.

These birds are also known for their outgoing and curious personalities, and a flock of Horizon Eagles is referred to as a “symphony”. They are social creatures who enjoy spending time together and forming strong bonds with one another.

And the weirdest thing about the Horizon Eagle is that it can actually levitate! This is an incredibly rare trait in birds, but these majestic creatures can actually float above the ground and hover in the air.

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