ESP8266 Tips

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Last updated: 2017 Feb 12th

This is a list of tips and tricks for the ESP8266 module. I will update this page as I learn more about these chips. Pull requests are appreciated.


Where to look for help and support.



  • Andreas Spiess ESP8266 series. - Great youtube series of videos about the ESP8266. Highly suggested


Power consumption

  • Under normal operation the ESP8266 chip consumes around 70mA at 3.3v with spikes of 300mA. These spikes are really anying while building a power supply. A 1000-2200uF cap and reduce these spikes. Source: #47 Power Saving with ESP8266.
  • The ESP.deepSleep() function doesn’t work unless there is a delay of 100 after this command.

    ESP.deepSleep(1000*10000*3, WAKE_RF_DEFAULT) ; 
  • In deep sleep the ESP consumes around 0.06mA

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