Design Competition - Board Game Design Challenge

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Board Game Design ChallengeThe Vancouver Independant Game Designers Association chapter coordinators cordially invite entrants to create a unique board game based on one of three classic arcade titles: ROBOTRON - JOUST - SPACE INVADERS. This is a FREE event to enter as a designer or player. Spectators are also welcome! This is a perfect chance to prove you’re old school credability, play some games, and win cool prizes.

Games must conform to the following formatting conditions:

  • 2-4 players
  • Rule set: clear articulation of play & winning conditions
  • Arcade themed board with clearly demarcated playing surface
  • Dice, Cards, Spinners or Tokens acceptable play components
  • Game should top out at 30 minutes play time

Entrants can be individuals or teams. Don’t forget to bring all of your equipment! Winners will be decided by our celebrity-judging panel based on the following criteria:

  • Fun Factor: replay value and ease of use
  • Innovation: creative interpretation encouraged! No joust-opoly please...
  • Presentation: show us your mad artistic skills!

Prizes courtesy of STRATEGIES Games & Hobbies and the IGDA Vancouver. We ask that designers show up at Strategies by 6PM Sharp! to ensure you can set up your games for a 6:30 start. Here is an jpg file so you can spread the word! For more information please contact Su Skerl.

Update (08/April/2007) - The results have been posted on IGDA website 

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