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  • 120,000 Volt Van De Graaff Generator Here's how to make a 120,000 Volt Van De Graaff generator using metal mixing bowls, PVC pipe, a bucket, a 540 size motor, copper wire brushes and a pair of pantyhose - Tagged as: [tag]physics[/tag] [tag]projects[/tag]
  • Creating Smoke | Abduzeedo by design Some time ago I had posted an article showing how to create a smoke effect in photoshop, and to achieve that I used a photo of smoke and some photoshop filters. However, some people had said at the time that I should have done the smoke as well and it´s Tagged as: [tag]photoshop[/tag] [tag]tutorial[/tag] [tag]smoke[/tag]
  • MAKE: Blog: Reprogrammable LED Learns and Plays Back Light Sequences alex_weber's first Instructable is a cool one: an LED project that learns and replays sequences of light. Alex's project is built around the Atmel ATtiny13v, an LED, and a Light Dependent Resistor-the whole thing is powered by a CR2032 battery. Link Tagged as: [tag]diy[/tag] [tag]electronics[/tag] [tag]led[/tag] [tag]projects[/tag]
  • Daily DIY » Blog Archive » Van de Graaff Generator A Van de Graaff generator is a simple way of producing high voltage. There are many DIY generators that can be made with some everyday items. Here is a link to some additional Tagged as: [tag]diy[/tag] [tag]projects[/tag]
  • Home made Sonar This page will be a bit basic for some but hopefully most people wanting to play with sonar will get something from it. Almost every PC has a sound card and many also have a microphone but I've never heard of anyone using them to build a sonar system. Mos Tagged as: [tag]sonar[/tag] [tag]electronics[/tag] [tag]howto[/tag] [tag]diy[/tag]
  • Chess Corner - Chess Tutorial A collection of chess tutorials Tagged as: [tag]chess[/tag] [tag]games[/tag] [tag]tutorial[/tag]
  • How many frames per second can the human eye see? How many frames per second can the human eye see? Tagged as: [tag]FAQ[/tag] [tag]interesting[/tag]
  • Spark Fun Electronics Take a Lassen iQ, an SD memory card, a LPC2138 ARM processor, mix in some FAT16 firmware and you get the new GPS logger from Spark Fun Electronics. The Lassen iQ FAT16 Datalogger takes the GPS data from the Lassen iQ and records it onto the SD card in pur Tagged as: [tag]DIY[/tag] [tag]electronics[/tag] [tag]GPS[/tag]
  • Wikipedia:Public domain image resources - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia There are a number of sources of public domain images on the Web. The presence of a resource on this list does not guarantee that all or any of the images in it are in the public domain. You are still responsible for checking the copyright status of imag Tagged as: [tag]images, publicdomain, photography, free[/tag]
  • Subscribe to Comments | ABlueStar I found this great plug-in for Wordpress that allows your users to subscribe to a posts comments, any reply to the post will be sent to there email automatically. This is much easier then having to check back on the post periodically to see if anyone has Tagged as: [tag]blog,[/tag] [tag]Email,[/tag] [tag]plugin,[/tag] [tag]rss,[/tag] [tag]SEO,[/tag] [tag]Wordpress,[/tag] [tag]plugins[/tag] [tag][/tag]
  • Kyle Cooper - Single-handedly revitalizing the main-title sequence as an art form | ABlueStar Kyle Cooper has directed over 150 film title sequences, and has been credited with " almost single-handedly revitalizing the main-title sequence as an art form". He is the founder of two internationally recognized film design companies, Imaginary Force Tagged as: [tag]film[/tag] [tag]imdb[/tag] [tag]kyle[/tag] [tag]cooper[/tag] [tag]Movies[/tag] [tag][/tag]
  • Extracting the IPTC data from an image in PHP | ABlueStar When you add a caption to an image in Google"s Picasa/Picasa2 (and some other image editing programs) the caption is saved in a special spot in the imaged header section called IPTC data. Tagged as: [tag]google,[/tag] [tag]iptc[/tag] [tag]php[/tag] [tag]picasa2[/tag] [tag][/tag]
  • Arroy-d - Best Thai in vancouver | ABlueStar One of my new favorite spots The atmospheres is pretty nice, they have an area where you can sit down on the floor on pillows, and the normal chair and table area with pleasant music plays in the background. Tagged as: [tag][/tag] [tag]food[/tag] [tag]reviews[/tag] [tag]restaurant[/tag] [tag]Vancouver[/tag]
  • Web Page Analyzer - free website optimization tool website speed test check website performance report from web site optimization Try our free web site speed test to improve website performance. Enter a URL below to calculate page size, composition, and download time. The script calculates the size of individual elements and sums up each type of web page component. Based on these pa Tagged as: [tag]optimization[/tag] [tag]tools[/tag] [tag]webdesign[/tag] [tag]html[/tag] [tag]webdev[/tag]
  • Click2Map„¢, a new way to build your Google Maps(tm) Click2Map„¢ is the easiest way to build your Google Maps„¢ online. Our innovative rich internet application helps anyone create Google Maps„¢ with customized points of interest without writing a single line of code! Tagged as: [tag]googlemaps[/tag] [tag]google[/tag] [tag]maps[/tag] [tag]tools[/tag]
  • Enchanted Arms - ProductWiki Enchanted Arms, known as [eM] -eNCHANT arM- in Japan, is a science-fiction based role-playing game for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Tagged as: [tag]games[/tag] [tag]wishlist[/tag] [tag]ps3[/tag] [tag]xbox360[/tag]
  • Welcome! - ProductWiki ProductWiki is a web-based product information resource, written by real people from all around the world. We're a wiki, which is a kind of website where every user can also be a contributor to the site. Our goal is to create a comprehensive information r Tagged as: [tag]Shopping[/tag] [tag]reviews[/tag] [tag]wiki[/tag]
  • Top 10 Password Crackers After the tremendously successful 2000 and 2003 security tools surveys, Insecure.Org is delighted to release this 2006 survey. I (Fyodor) asked users from the nmap-hackers mailing list to share their favorite tools, and 3,243 people responded. This allowe Tagged as: [tag]security[/tag] [tag]password[/tag] [tag]hacking[/tag] [tag]Tools[/tag]
  • After a tough day, what can I do to get back in the mood to do more work? Scenario: It's a busy college day and I have a bunch of deadlines looming. I arrive back to my room after finishing something strenuous (say, an exam or a day of classes), but I am too mentally exhausted to begin working again. Even if I try to begin work Tagged as: [tag]Health[/tag] [tag]productivity[/tag] [tag]lifehacks[/tag]
  • Password checker Your online accounts, computer files, and personal information are more secure when you use strong passwords to help protect them. Test the strength of your passwords: Enter a password in the text box to have Password Checker help determine its strength a Tagged as: [tag]password[/tag] [tag]tools[/tag] [tag]security[/tag]
  • One Man"s Blog » How I"d Hack Your Weak Passwords If you invited me to try and crack your password, you know the one that you use over and over for like every web page you visit, how many guesses would it take before I got it? Let"s see€¦ here is my top 10 list. I can obtain most of this information Tagged as: [tag]password[/tag] [tag]hacking[/tag] [tag]HowTo[/tag]
  • €¦:::jamieleigh:::€¦ Tagged as: [tag]photography[/tag] [tag]friends[/tag]
  • 66 Ways to Build Links in 2007 » Brandon Hopkins If " Content is King" , then links are what put that king on the throne. Build links and you"ll be able to display your content to the world. Don"t build links, and your King won"t have a kingdom. Hopefully you already use most of these, but if o Tagged as: [tag]blog[/tag] [tag]links[/tag] [tag]SEO[/tag] [tag]website[/tag] [tag]webdev[/tag]
  • DHTML Popup Window - PHP Development DHTML Popup Window This is a DHTML replacement for popup windows created with JavaScript function. DHTML popup window has the following advantages over the standard popups: * It has fully customizable design. * It will not be blocke Tagged as: [tag]popup, webdev, dhtml[/tag]
  • 4096 Color Wheel Version 2.1 4096 Color Wheel Tagged as: [tag]color, webdesign[/tag]



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