Defeat your Google twin

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A “Google twin” is a person who shares your name, and whose information returns results on Google when you egosurf. They may or may not be currently ranked higher than you.

If your Google twin is ranked higher then you on google then you have to defeat him by getting your ranking for your name up higher then his.

Currently when you search for ‘Steven Smethurst’ on Google a engine casting site shows up at rank #1 followed by 5 pages (49 links) of me.

My goal by Christmas is to kill off my Google twin. At lest off rank #1 preferably off the first page completely.

I’m not the only one trying to defeat there twin. Jon Lee also has a plan on defeating his google twin, but he has a lot harder job then me with a last name like LEE. While some people have it pretty easy, my friend Jordan Lapp killed off all his competitors with in the first week.



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