Cutpurse is a dice game. Originating in back alleys, played by thieves and other unsavory types, Cutpurse has made its way into local taverns and gambling establishments.

    What you need to play

    How to play this game Cutpurse is a pretty simple game played with two six-sided dice by any number of players for stakes.  Each player rolls a die, with the highest throwing first in the game and the lowest ‘setting the point’.  The player with the lowest roll throws a die again, and the number rolled becomes the point number.

    Each player in turn rolls the dice and scores one for every occurrence of the point number.  A player who rolls a double point number scores 3 points instead of 2. The first player to reach 11 points wins the game.

    Example of game play Player one rolls 5 with one die Player two rolls 3 with one die Player three rolls 2 with one die Player one gets to go first because he rolled the highest, €˜2€² is the Set point. Player one rolls both dice and gets 2, 4:  he scores one point Player two rolls both dice and gets 3, 6:  he does not score Player three rolls both dice and gets 2, 2:  he scores 3 points. Play continues until someone reaches 11 points.

    Variant A variant of Cutpurse known as Rogue or Thief.  Rolling a double point number in this game however counts as 0 points and requires you to add a set amount to the pot.