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A very old, traditional Cuban game that is normally played with a set of five Poker dice but can easy be played with 5 normal dice. This game can be played as a drinking where the loser buys the winners drinks.

What you need to play

  • 5 poker dice (You can substitute poker dice for normal dice, 1= Ace, 2= Nines, 3= Tens, 4= Jack"s, 5=Queens, 6=Kings)
  • A sheet of paper to keep score

The object of the game To be the first player to get 50 points

How to play the game Every player rolls one die and the player with the highest rolls goes first, play continues to the left.

Each player in turn rolls the dice up too three times, setting aside as many dice as they like after each roll. The object is to create a hand of 5 of a kind all other hands are meaningless.  Aces (or 1s if using normal dice) are wild and can be used for any number.

There are seven different scoring hands Five Aces (Carabina de Aces):  scores 10 points Five Kings with no wild Aces (Carabina de Kings Naturales):  scores 5 points Five Kings including wild Aces (Carabina de Kings No Naturales):  scores 2 points Five Queens (aka Cabangas) including wild Aces:  scores 1 point Five Jacks (Javas) including wild Aces:  scores 1 point Five Tens (Gallegos) including wild Aces:  scores 1 point Five Nines (Negros) including wild Aces:  scores 1 point

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