Costs - Stained glass windows project

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This post is part of a series on the stained glass windows project.

I needed to come up with a price tag for these stained glass windows panels. I been selling a few of them at local art galleries and to friends. I made have 16 unique panels so far and it looks like there is some demand for them. I have also been asked to make a workshop so others can make their own panels.

These are my costs.

  • $40 - 50x 12mm WS2811 Square LED Pixel Module - This is at cost of 50x pixels. The cost per pixel drop quickly when you order in the 1000-5000 quantity.
  • $5 - Wemos ESP8266
  • $46.25 - Acrylic. Each panel takes a 2’x2’ section of each color. A 4x8 sheet can be split into ~16 panels. Total cost of acrylic of $740 / 16 people = $46.25 per person.
    • $370 - 3 mm Acrylic SOLID BLACK (4x8),
    • $370 - 3 mm Acrylic SIGN WHITE (4x8)
  • $5 - Wood frame. Each panel needs 6x of 3” by 8” sides. A 5x5 sheet of Baltic birch cabinet plywood produces 133 sides. Total for each panel coast $4.5 (6 parts)
    • $100 - 3/4” Baltic birch cabinet plywood (5x5)
  • $10 - Other (wood glue, power connectors, heat shrink, etc… )
  • $50 - Tool time ($1 per min of laser time)

Sub total: $156.25 CAD

This is just the costs, and doesn’t include the time it takes me to design and build the panels. I been selling them for between $300-$500 each and that seems to be about right.

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