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Centurians is a Drinking game This game is also known as Century Club, Centurions, Power Hour, or The ‘100’

Basically you take a shot of beer once a min for 100 mins or until the other person passes out.  As easy as it sounds rarely anyone completes all 100 shots before passing out or violently puking.

The rules You can play with as many people as you like, (2+ players recommended) You can go to the bathroom but you must catch up for every min that you are away, max of 5 mins No chugging of beers, you have to drink it one shot at a time. No puking Anyone that gets to 100 shots wins and gains Centurion status.

The game isn"t that hard when you think about it.  100 shots of beers is about 13 beers its just the pace that you have to keep drinking at. Variation of this game The ‘100’ you are allowed to puke but you are not allowed out of your seat for the full 100 mins and every 10 mins you must take a shot of hard bar (vodka, rum, ect). 100 beers in 3 days (one weekend, including Friday) if you complete all 100 beers you are even more hardcore then the the people that completed €˜The ‘100’

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