Card game - Munchkin - Kill monsters, steal the treasure, and stab your buddy

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munchkin_1.jpgPlay time: 1 hour Players: 3-6* Set up time: 5min Ages: 16-up Manufacturer: Steve Jackson Games Category: Fantasy / Humorous / Role Playing Game

Munchkin is one of my favorite card games of all time, anyone that has ever played a d20 system such as dungeons and dragons can relate to this game. Its captures the essence of the dungeon and dragons experience with none of that boring roleplaying stuff.

The game was invented by Steve Jackson an independent board game developer the same person that came up with the GURPS roleplaying system. Steve Jackson games are unique, easy to learn and most importantly fun, hes a genius and a personal hero. The game is based around a group of Munchkin type player exploring a endless dungeon in search of treasure and experience. The object of the game is to be the first person to reach level 10 but its not that easy. All your “buddies” are also trying for it too and will do anything to stab you in the back along the way.

The game contains two types of cards, doors and treasure cards. If you kick down a door and defeat the monster behind it you get a treasure, if you can’t defeat the monster you get the bad stuff its that simple.

Monsters include; the 10th level Net Troll, 14th level Stoned Golem, 16th level Wight brothers, 14th Level Unspeakably Awful Indescribable Horror, 6th level pukachu

Treasure include; Really Impressive Title, Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment, Eleven-Foot pole, Potion of general studliness, and Potion of idiotic bravery.

There are many expansions in the Munchkin family that you can order from amazon or from your local games store.



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