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Caps is a Drinking game

What you will need to play

  • 2 or more players (4+  recommend )
  • A glass beer bottle
  • A bunch of bottle caps 5 or 6 for each person

Set up Everyone sits around in a circle spread out a bit (arms length away from each other) with 5 or 6 bottle caps to start.  Place one bottle cap upside down on top of there glass beer bottle.

How to play the game When everyone is ready, everyone at the same time starts to toss a bottle cap at your opponents bottle if you knock off there cap they have to drink, after they drink they replace the bottle cap and continue.  If any one runs out of beer they have to go and get anther one. Continue until out of beer or all the bottle caps are missing.

Variations Instead of using a glass bottle you could use a empty pint glass and your opponents has to toss the cap in to the glass. Instead of using bottle caps you can use, quarters, beer tabs, ping pong balls or anything else you want to.

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