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  • Adventure games Adventure games, as a category, have done reasonably well for us--partly, of course, because there are few high-budget, major release adventure games any more (although Dreamfall, which we sell as an affiliate, is one such). So adventure game fans pretty Tagged as: [tag]game, Adventure, [/tag]
  • EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers EFF created this guide, compiling a number of FAQs designed to help you understand your rights and, if necessary, defend your freedom. Tagged as: [tag]blogging, legal, law, blog, reference, copyright, blogs, [/tag]
  • Pilon Ambient Energy Lights Field of Florescent Bulbs Hundreds of people are flocking each night for a close-up look at Richard Box' artistic display of 1301 fluorescent bulbs that are lit by the overhead high-power lines -- just from the ambient energy surrounding the lines. The display, called "Field," whi Tagged as: [tag]art, electronics, interactive, light, project, electrical, Design, electricity, [/tag]
  • Thingamababy: Show and Tell: Jacob's Ladder as a 12-Gauge Steel Sculpture The blocks in his ladder are 12-gauge steel sheets forged to put a bend in them, secured with used bicycle chains obtained from local bike shops. The base is a large metal gear found at a scrap and salvage yard. A wheel crank located at the top of the scu Tagged as: [tag]art, [/tag]
  • Mechanical Music Box Set Make your own music box melodies with this mechanical music box set. Comes with hand-cranked music box, one pre-punched music strip that plays the "Happy Birthday" song, 3 unpunched strips (48cm), a hole punch, and instruction manual to have you creating Tagged as: [tag]music, gift, DIY, Gadget, mechanical, MusicBox, box, wishlist, [/tag]
  • MAKE: Blog: Make your own mechanical music box Make your own music box melodies with this mechanical music box set. Comes with hand-cranked music box, one pre-punched music strip that plays the "Happy Birthday" song, 3 unpunched strips (48cm), a hole punch, and instruction manual to have you creating Tagged as: [tag]music, projects, DIY, musicbox, howto, [/tag]
  • LH Top 10: USB thumb drive tricks - Lifehacker Is that a gigabyte in your pocket? And are you putting it to good use? The explosion of USB thumb drives gives anyone the ability to take some serious file storage space along with their house keys. Developers and road warriors have come up with all sort Tagged as: [tag]tools, software, productivity, freeware, PC, utility, usb, [/tag]
  • MAKE: Blog: Oscilloscope art If you've got a dual channel oscilloscope handy (got mine for $49 on ebay), you can create some amazing imagery using the X-Y mode setting and/or ADD setting). All you have to do is feed a separate signal (like a sine wave and a triangle wave for example Tagged as: [tag]art, [/tag]
  • Lists: Why paper to-do lists work better - Lifehacker Here's the thing: I really enjoy web-based list managers such as Remember the Milk, but for some reason, every time I log on to see my to-do list, I get sucked into the Mysterious Funnel of Time Wastery, which kind of defeats the whole purpose. Thus, my w Tagged as: [tag]productivity, lifehacker, todo, [/tag]
  • MAKE: Blog: Homebrew lava lamp Here's my home made lava lamp. The container is simply a gallon jug wine bottle. Because of this, a friend once referred to it as the "White Trash Lava Lamp." The wine was Ernest and Julio Gallo, if I remember correctly. I do remember that it stank to hig Tagged as: [tag]projects, DIY, lamp, [/tag]
  • NOTCOT: Lucifer Matches Lucifer, by Feel Addicted. (Yes the same guys that brought you Hotdolls on .org, the designer sex toys for your pups.) This is one of the most gorgeous implementations of matchbooks i"ve seen in some time. Interactions from shaking the match out (remini Tagged as: [tag]design, cool, gadgets, matches, tools, gadget, shopping, [/tag]
  • Make - Plans for a simple noisemaker/instrument? I need a circuit that makes noise when it's supplied electricity, but that makes a lower or higher pitch noise depending on the resistance so that keys of a piano could be simulated with just one circuit and six switches with different resistors attached Tagged as: [tag]music, toys, projects, [/tag]
  • Boing Boing: Diodesex Diodesex: macro-focus photos of electrical diodes bent into tiny pornographic scenes. NSFW Link (ZOMG you got me fired from my job in the diode secks factory!) Tagged as: [tag]nsfw, photography, sex, electronics, [/tag]
  • Boing Boing: Hugo nominees announced This year's Hugo nominees are out -- congrats to all the great nominees! It's amazing to see great books like "Glasshouse," "Rainbows End," and "Blindsight" on the ballot, along with stories like Ian McDonald's "The Djinn's Wife," Bill Shunn's "Inclinatio Tagged as: [tag]books, scific, [/tag]
  • SpirEvolution If the Tribune's coverage is any indication, Chicago has Spire frenzy, as Santiago Calatrava unveiled the "final" design of the 2000' tower on Monday. While my schedule doesn't permit a long post on the design, at first glance Calatrava has made improveme Tagged as: [tag]buildings, [/tag]
  • MAKE: Blog: Book sculptures Tim Baker's book sculptures along with a lot of other effects, projects and more Tagged as: [tag]books, sculpture, art, [/tag]
  • Geek With Laptop A website with a reall nice theme, and some wordpress plugins Tagged as: [tag]blogs, [/tag]
  • Creative photos by Chema Madoz | - a lifestyle blogzine Creative photos by Chema Madoz Tagged as: [tag]photography, art, photos, photo, fun, cool, [/tag]
  • Drinking game: One Big Chicken | ABlueStar The person who knows all the phrases begins, one phrase a time. The game follows the same routine as the Twelve Days of Christmas. So, the sixth person in the circle would have to repeat the sixth phrase, as well as the previous five. If you mess up a ph Tagged as: [tag]drinking, drinkinggames, [/tag]
  • Random drinking game generator | ABlueStar While doing research for an article that I was writing on the drinking game King"s cup. I found that most drinking games all have the same sort of rules. Draw a card, roll a dice then follow the rule associated with that card or dice. I started a colle Tagged as: [tag]Drinking Games, drinkinggames, fun, [/tag]
  • Finding a good web host | ABlueStar Selecting a good host basically comes down to three things, Disk space and transfer, Reliability, and the host Company. Tagged as: [tag]webdev, webdesign, [/tag]
  • Dice 10000 | ABlueStar I have been playing this game for as long as i can remember, it was one of the first games my parents ever show me and its very simple to learn. This game is most commonly known as Dice 10,000 but I have heard it called Boxcar, Foo, Zilch, and Crap Out, Tagged as: [tag]games, dice, [/tag]
  • Pig - The classic dice game of probability | ABlueStar Pig is often used as a simple and fun way of teaching probability concepts in middle school. What are the chances that you will not roll a one on your 1st round, 2nd,3rd,20th 100th, etc. But Pig is not only for middle school kids it is also used in some c Tagged as: [tag]games, dice, probability, [/tag]
  • Klondike - Dice poker | ABlueStar Klondike is loosely based on poker and originated in cheap casinos on the American frontier. Its really easy to play if you know anything about poker, and even if you don"t its still pretty easy. Tagged as: [tag]games, dice, poker, [/tag]
  • Twenty one - Dice jeopardy approach games | ABlueStar This game is absurdly easy to play, but it a good game to explain what jeopardy approach games are. In a jeopardy approach games, the object is most closely approach a goal score without exceeding it. Tagged as: [tag]games, dice, jeopardy, [/tag]
  • I Believe In Harvey Dent Too Tagged as: [tag]batman, teaser, Movie, [/tag]
  • instructables : The Ice Bulb I got the idea for the Ice Bulb from the frozen water balloon instructable. My mind wants to put LEDs inside everything these days :) The Ice Bulb is very cheap and simple to make and the result looks amazing. This instructable will be to basic for a lot Tagged as: [tag]led, projects, diy, cool, interesting, light, art, [/tag]
  • Barbudi - Mexican gambling | ABlueStar Barbudi is commonly found in many Mexican casinos and clubs but probably originated in middle east. When the game is played in a casino the dealer takes a small percentage of the winnings because the game is evenly matched. It can be played by any number Tagged as: [tag]games, dice, [/tag]
  • Snakes and Ladders - Game to reach Nirvana | ABlueStar The board is arranged in numbered a grid with a number of snakes or ladders connecting two squares together. The size of the grid varied from publisher to publish, but most common boards that i have seen are 10×10. I have seen boards range anywhere from Tagged as: [tag]games, history, snakesandladders, dice, [/tag]



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