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  • Say No to Crack » Blog Archive » Inflatable Missile Balloons Looking for a way to get some attention on the highway? Try these helium-filled missile balloons: Tagged as: [tag]funny, missile, balloons, [/tag]
  • What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content « Lorelle on WordPress Having been the target of copyright thieves, and working with writers, authors, and photographers on copyright protection and laws for over 25 years, I thought I"d talk a little about what to do when someone steals your content. Tagged as: [tag]copyright, content, blog, blogging, articles, [/tag]
  • Seen in Vancouver Seen in Vancouver is a photo blog containing the top images from the Seen in Vancouver flickr group. To have your image included for possible publishing on Seen in Vancouver simply upload your favorite pictures that you have taken around Vancouver to our Tagged as: [tag]for:jimic, vancouver, photography, [/tag]
  • Nerdy Shirts :: The Most Awesome Shirts in the World Tagged as: [tag]tshirts, clothing, geek, shopping, [/tag]
  • MAKE: Blog: 1000+ Fluorescent lights powered by overhead cables Hundreds of people are flocking each night for a close-up look at Richard Box' artistic display of 1301 fluorescent bulbs that are lit by the overhead high-power lines -- just from the ambient energy surrounding the lines. The display, called "Field," whi Tagged as: [tag]for:jimic, photography, art, [/tag]
  • Drinking game: Kings cup | ABlueStar A classic drinking game that evolves filling a cup (the kings cup) with random shots of liquor for the unfortunate loser of the game. As with all drinking games the point of the game is to get drunk. Tagged as: [tag]games, game, drinking, drinkinggames, [/tag]
  • Ablurstar - Random drinking game Generate a random drinking by freshing this page until you find one with a set of rules that you like. Each player picks a card from the face down cards and follows the rules below. Once done the turn order goes to the left. Mob rules - majority always Tagged as: [tag]games, game, gamedev, drinking, drinks, kingscup, [/tag]
  • Finding a good web host | ABlueStar Selecting a good host basically comes down to three things, Disk space and transfer, Reliability, and the host Company. Tagged as: [tag]webdev, webdesign, [/tag]
  • How to make dice, and a brief history | ABlueStar Next time you are stranded without a pair of dice and your guests are already on there way, try printing off a few of these origami paper dice. A little glue or tap and a printer is all you need. Tagged as: [tag]game, dice, paper, papercraft, games, [/tag]
  • Which Feed Reader is Best? Which Feed Reader do you use and Why? Are you a Google Reader fan? A Bloglines junkie? Do you prefer NewsGator, Firefox Live Bookmarks or Netvibes? Or do you prefer to follow blogs via MyYahoo or iGoogle? Which one do you use - why? Tagged as: [tag]blog, rss, feed, webdev, [/tag]



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