Bard On The Beach - Midsummer night’s dream

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Bard On The Beach - Midsummer night's dream Forest sprites with magical potions create romantic havoc in this deliciously magical comedy. Upset with Queen Titania, Oberon, King of the Fairies, engages Puck to charm her with a nectar that causes love at first sight. Mischievous Puck not only arranges for Titania to fall for a simple weaver named Bottom whom he has transformed into an ass, but he uses the nectar to tangle the affections of four courtly lovers who have sought refuge in the forest. Much hilarity also occurs as Bottom and his friends rehearse a play they hope to present at court.

Who: Bard On The Beach What: A classic play, Midsummer night’s dream Where: Vanier Park, Kits Point at the Foot of Whyte Avenue Address for Taxis: 1695 Whyte Avenue, Vanier Park When: June 1 - Sept 24 2006

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