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aurgasm.jpgWhen I am on the hunt for new and interesting music one of my first stops is Full, compleat songs, from musicians that I have never heard of before. and the best thing is that all the songs on there site are legitimately free so I don’t feel bad for stealing music.

An aural orgasm. Something amazingly pleasing (particularly music) to the ears. I just listened the Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety and had multiple aurgasms. - aurgasm

The site provides a flash mp3 player so you can preview the songs from in the browser before you download them. RSS feeds and email subscription allow you to get updates in your inbox each week or so. Each post also includes a decent review and back ground infomation about the band or musicians.

I have found a few gems on this site including belleruche, julie-feeney, mungo-jerry, cibelle, elizabeth-catapult,

Great website, I suggest it to all my friends.

It looks like the site makes money from affiliate ads, at the bottom of each post that links to a site where you can buy there music from (most of the time its

The site gets its music from MySpace, and and presumably he asking the artists before he puts it on his site all thou he doesn’t have to (you read the user agreement before you uploaded your music to MySpace right?) and from what I have seen he only picks artists that have released at lest once CD on amazon to get the affiliate ad money.

I have offent thought of stealing this idea, there is lots that I could add to this type style of website but with all my other projects I just don’t have the time. Maybe if I could find a musically endowed writer, that would like to work for a share of the affiliate ads and the opportunity to get there name out there.

Anyways Enjoy.



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