Arduino + Maxsonar EZ1 + Processing

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After resolving my user error with the Maxsonar EZ1 with the help of Bob Gross I moved on to visulizing the data captured. Captuing the output of from the Arduino with Hyper ternimal as a CSV file and importing it in to Excel worked, but I was looking for something more advanced. After a little google (The verb to google (also spelled to Google) refers to using the Google search engine to obtain information on the Web.) I found a simlare project Arduino + Processing: range finder that worked but didn’t look as nice as I wanted.

So I rewrote the code to use arc instead of lines, Change the hue of the arc depending on how close the object is and CSV instead of a proprietary format. It looks much better if you ask me.


Source code: /dev/arduino/snippets/range_finder_001_[2009Jul13_14-01-14].zip

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