Aces In The Pot

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Aces In The Pot is a a very simple Gambling Dice game that I am told was played mainly in ports of very old cities.

What you need to play 2 dice 3+ or more players, (best with 4+ or more) 2 coins or chips per player

How to play the game Each player starts with two coins each, everyone rolls one die to determine who goes first. Each player then takes a turn at rolling both dice and may lose coins according to the table below.

if one of the dice is a 1 then one coin must be placed in the center pot. if both dice are 1s then the player must put 2 coins in the center. if a 6 is rolled the player must pass one coin to their left, if two 6s are rolled the player must pass two coins to their left. All other numbers are meaningless.

Once a player has lost all their coins, they must miss their turn and have to wait for a coin to be passed to them before they can resume throwing the dice. The player with the last coin then has three throws of the dice and has to avoid throwing a 6. If they fail and throw a 6, the coin and dice pass to the next player who in turn has three throws of the dice. The player who throws the dice three times without a 6 wins the pot.

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