Abluestar.com privacy statment

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I record as much information as I possiably can from all my users, all the time, and I keep it for as long as I want to. I will sell it to anyone who asks and give it to anyone who puts a lawyers paper under my nose.

  • NOTE: This only applies to Abluestar.com. My other sites I got out of my way to remove personal information that I don’t need so I won’t be subpoenaed for the info. Having my web server seized would definitively cause downtime. *

You should expect every other site to do the same. Privacy Icons are a way to inform users about how there information will be used on your site.

This means that your data is collected and used in ways that go beyond what is necessary for the interaction. For example, in addition to collecting your address to ship you a pair of shoes you just bought (which is an intended use of your address), the web site might also sell your address to data aggregators who sell it to junk mail companies.

This means that a website is collecting data about you and selling or trading it with another organization, government, or person. An example of this is where a shopping website collects data about your shopping preferences, frugality, and ip address and sells that info to data aggregators or to other e-commerce sites directly.

This means that a site either shares the data it has about you with marketing or advertising companies or allows those companies to collect info about you while on its site.

These organizations might provide your data to a government that asks for it without following the legally required process. They might just send a letter or make a phone call to the company to ask for your data.




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