A mini hydroelectric damn that runs a LED inside your shower head.

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I was browsing the Make Forums today when I ran across this post LED Shower Head/Faucet

Basically the guy wants to create a small turbine inside of his shower head that would spin and create a current powerful enough to run a LED.

Basically he wanted to create a DIY version of showerstar version

showerstar version

Here's a quick peek inside: Water enters the shower head through the flow resrictor (1) then travels through the injector plate (2) which directs the water to the waterwheel (3). The water spins the magnetic waterwheel past the stator (4) of the field wincing (5). This hydroelectric generator develops the 2.5 volts at .31 amps which lights the PR-6 bulb.

Throwies These fancy version would be possible if you had enough water pressure but it would be much cheaper and easier to use a Throwies. A disposable LED and Battery that lasts 2-3 weeks with a thick layer of silicone. Most of the parts can be bought for less then $1



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