12 Tips for creating a killer landing page.

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Good landing pages are a key to creating conversations from your advertisement. It’s the first page that your users see when they click on one of your ads its got to be exactly what they want.

I created these tips for creating killer landing pages when I was helping a good friend of mine fixes his adwords campaign. I created landing pages and optimized his adwords campaign and in 2 months he was getting 7-10 times as many leads from his website as he once was. From 2 a day to 12-25 a day it a huge improvement and I ended up getting a nice bounce.

He made the biggest mistake you can made with any type of advertisement, all his ads lead back to the main page of his website, the landing page has nothing to do with the ad its self. Barley anyone that came thou an adsense ad ever took the time to search his website for what they where looking for. Why would they when they can just click the back button and find something more relevant.

12 Tips for creating a killer landing page.

  1. Opening statement - All lading pages should have an opening statement that should answer the main questions right away. It should be short and sweet.
  2. Call to action - There should be a call to action above the cut of the screen (top 300 px) that should tell the users what they need to do next to continue. BUY NOW, Subscribe, contact us, etc.
  3. Make it stand out - Make the call to action button stand out from the rest of the page. Larger and a different colors, nothing works better then a big red button that tells them what to do.
  4. Keep it short - Everything should be short less then 200 words for each paragraph anything that doesn't have to be on the page should be moved to a support page. You can always add a link to the bottom of a long chunk of text "for more information€¦"
  5. Offer an avenue for more information - You should always give them a chance to ask questions or get more information on a subject, these links should stay local to your website or open in a new window.
  6. One offer only - Each page should only have one offer on them, don't confuse your users give them exactly what they want.
  7. Be crystal clear - The offer should be crystal clear on what you are offing.
  8. Add a picture - People tend to scan a page before committing to reading it, adding a picture to a page can really help convince people that the page is worth reading.
  9. Important stuff at the top - Keep anything you want your users to read near the top of the page.
  10. Make it personal - Write in 2nd person using. 'you' and 'your'
  11. Lots of White space - an uncluttered page with lots of blank space.
  12. Remove anything that does not need to be there - No navigation, no side bar, no ads for other products, remove anything that's distracting. You should still have your sites logo near the top of the page with a link back to your main page.

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