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Where does this IP Address come from

less than 1 minute read

A few days ago I was asked to find out where or close to where a user of ours was coming from. so i created this GEO location script Where does this IP Addre...

Thou shall not

less than 1 minute read

Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’ </param></param></embed>


less than 1 minute read

Today I was told by a friend of mine of a game that recently started in Vancouver called Manhunt. BASIC MANHUNT RULES: Manhunt is a hide-and-seek variant. Th...

My Ferrofluid Project

3 minute read

A few months ago I found a Youtube video of Sachiko Kodama ferrofluid sculpture. There are more then a few of them running around on you tube just search fo...

The Eden project - Artificial ecosystem

2 minute read

The Eden project was inspired by Jon McCormack’s time in the Litchfield National Park, in Australia. The artwork is a self-generating, artificial ecosystem c...

Chess Puzzle

less than 1 minute read

White to play and mate in three moves H. Northcote, Toronto 1st Prize, Toronto Globe, 1872

Review - The End Cafe

1 minute read

Last Saturday night around 9pm we where killing time at Broadway Skytrain station before heading downtown to see some show and we decided to in at The End C...