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Chess Puzzle

less than 1 minute read

Black to play and Black wins material By: Shelby Lyman

Two foot James bond

less than 1 minute read

Found with the help of the good people at

More riddles

3 minute read

I enjoyed them so much the first time I posted some riddles that I am going to do it again.

VIVO Media arts - upcoming workshops

2 minute read

VIVO Media arts is a not for profit video production, exhibition and distribution center. They rent equipment, and exhibition spaces with there pretty cheap ...

Interesting cactus building

less than 1 minute read

The urban cactus building Found via, Who found it on

System Information for Windows

1 minute read

A little while ago i got assigned to do an audit of all the PCs in our network. I could have taken the time to check every one of the computes one by one an...

Where does this IP Address come from

less than 1 minute read

A few days ago I was asked to find out where or close to where a user of ours was coming from. so i created this GEO location script Where does this IP Addre...