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Mistakes I have made

4 minute read

These are some of the mistakes I have made over the past few years with Blogging and web design. These mistakes have cost me hours of extra work and in some ...

Where I went wrong

3 minute read

Today I read a post by Jane May at John chow dot com, The Secrets of Picking A Niche its a good read if you got 7 mins to spare. The article talks about how ...

Removing the Nofollow link

1 minute read

Back in the day, there was a major problem with people posting garbage comments on blogs or forms so they could get back links to there site. Every time they...

Resize thumbnails in Wordpress

1 minute read

I get asked this question lot, how to change the default size of the thumbnail that wordpress creates when you upload an image. There are two different ways ...

Technorati faves

2 minute read

Technorati is becoming one of the biggest players in blogging. Its a great tool for ranking one site against anther and its also a search engine of content. ...

AGLOCO tool bar

2 minute read

Over the last few months all I have been hearing about is AGLOCO.

5 Favorite Childhood Cartoons

1 minute read

Ms. Danielle is giving away a 30GB Microsoft Zune that she won from John Chow. In her contest you have to talk about her new blog site and link to at lest on...

Wordpress robots.txt

2 minute read

Recently Daily blog tips ran an article about Robots.txt files. The article gives examples of other major websites and there robots.txt files but fails to me...

Always add the www

less than 1 minute read

When creating a new website you want to create as little duplicate content as possible. Most host let your users access your website from either the http://a...