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How to access Facebook’s data

2 minute read

In my last article I talked about how to create a very simple Facebook Application. We created a simple hello world application that didn’t do too much besid...

Flower plug

less than 1 minute read

The flower plug was designed to allow the user to know when the bath water was just the right temperature by changing color from a light pink to a beautiful ...

Wastbasket for the bathroom

less than 1 minute read

The bin can be sealed by a ordinary magazine, useful for people who like to read on the toilet

APEX Holiday Subscription Drive

less than 1 minute read

APEX (a sf/horror magazine) announced that they would increase there payment rates to 5 Cents a word (professional levels) if they got 500 new subscribers fo...

Travel 4 km in just 3 hours, 41 minutes!

less than 1 minute read

Last week Translink and Google maps got together and released Google transit. Google transit allows you to fine transit routs for Vancouver and various other...

Work Smarter, Not Harder

less than 1 minute read

On Dec. 10, 1968, a uniformed man pulled over a bank car in Tokyo. He explained that police had received a warning that dynamite had been planted in the vehi...

Origami Masters Exhibition

less than 1 minute read

Although historically considered a children’s pastime, origami has exploded in popularity and visibility in recent years. We are now in a Renaissance period ...