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Boss Dice

1 minute read

Boss Dice is also known as Bull Dice, Beetle Dice and is said to be one of the most popular dice game in San Francisco.  It’s based on Poker dice hands with ...

ARDUINO and MaxSonar EZ1

2 minute read

Update: 13 July 2009, Resolved with the help of Bob Gross. User error see notes below.


2 minute read

Booray (also spelled Bourré) Booray combines features of both Bridge and Poker and is thus a good link between these two frequently played games.  This game...

Arduino Robots

1 minute read

I bought a Arduino board for a green house project I was planning to do sometime last year. To regulate the temperature, turn on and off lights and fans, dat...

Black or Red

less than 1 minute read

Black or Red is a Drinking game played with Cards


1 minute read

Barbudi is commonly found in many Mexican casinos and clubs but probably originated in middle east. When the game is played in a casino the dealer takes a sm...

Aces In The Pot

1 minute read

Aces In The Pot is a a very simple Gambling Dice game that I am told was played mainly in ports of very old cities.

internet robot zombies

2 minute read

If you run a website that has a contacts form or any other input from users. sooner or later you will start getting attacked by internet robot zombies. What...