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PHP email template

less than 1 minute read

When I create a PHP script that has to send an email to a user I tend to use a template file for the body of the email. I load the template file in to the sc...

Bill C-61 AKA Canadian DMCA - Crisis Fatigue

1 minute read

Canada’s DMCA (AKA Bill C-61) is back up in front of parliament again. We defeated it once before in summer of 2008 now they change it slightly call it a dif...

Simplified Craps

1 minute read

Simplified Craps is a dice game. This is a simplified version of craps that is often played on the street of New York.

What are mysql-bin.000001, mysql-bin.000002…

less than 1 minute read

By default whenever you make a change to a MySQL database it creates a log of the query and stores it in a file simlare to ‘mysql-bin.000001’ . The MySQL dat...

Shut the Box

2 minute read

Shut the Box is a dice game. Shut the Box is a form of a patience game that can be played with two or more players in a competition. For more than two hundre...


1 minute read

Ship is a Battleship dice game. I have only played this game once, and it’s pretty simple compound game that is easy to learn and play. We played it for shot...

Sevens Out

less than 1 minute read

Sevens Out is a dice game.


1 minute read

Sevens is a dice game. In most games sevens are good and lucky, but in this game sevens are bad.