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Twenty One

1 minute read

Twenty one is a dice jeopardy approach game. This game is absurdly easy to play but it’s a good game to explain what jeopardy approach games are.  In a jeopa...

Twelve Up

less than 1 minute read

Twelve Up is a dice game. What you Need to Play 1 die How to Play the Game Players make bets against the banker then pick a number between 14 and 18. Ea...

Tractor Pull

less than 1 minute read

Tractor Pull is a drinking game.

Talk about your bad luck

less than 1 minute read

Talk about your bad luck, one of my favorite comic book writers had a data fail. My backups all got corrupted, and my backup device died. I'll fix that on Su...


1 minute read

Threes (commonly called Tripps) is a gambling dice game.  As it can be played for any amount of time and requires almost no equipment, it has become very pop...

Anther reason why paypal sucks

less than 1 minute read

Just one more reason why paypal sucks so, it seems that after 5 months of accepting donations via paypal, they have decided to freeze our account. as you may...

Three Man

1 minute read

3 man is a dice drinking game. 3 man is a classic game; its one of the first drinking games I ever played and it’s really easy to play.

The Three

1 minute read

The Three is a dice game. This is derived from a Chinese banking game called Strung Flowers.  As the name suggests it is played with three dice. It is also k...

The Movies

3 minute read

The movies is a really simple drinking game and is probably the first one I ever played. Find a movie and come up with reocurring things to look for; when yo...