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Two layer Stencils

less than 1 minute read

More stencils this time we used two or more colors. The next steep is a custom 5-10 color image. one that takes me the night to cut out and do.

Status update Feb 15

1 minute read

Ray Gun Revival has been launched. We sent out 8k unsolicited email newsletter to anyone that had anything to do with the old site and only ~50 people foll...

What I have been up to in January 2011

3 minute read

Its been a busy month, the start of the year always is. Built my first Android APP with Phone gap. Its a happiness survey that lets users report there curr...

What I did in 2010, Year end review

8 minute read

I hate writing this type of post, the review of all your failures and accomplishments over the last year. But review is important its stops you from repeatin...

They’re made out of data

3 minute read

With apologies to Terry Bisson. Warning: Tron 2 spoilers. "They're made out of data." "Data?" "Data. They're made out of data." "Data?" "No doubt about it. W...

Playing with app inventor for android

1 minute read

App inventor for android was just recently released for everyone to play with. I looked in to it hoping I could create a simple EveryDayFiction feed reader a...

Solstice Lunar Eclipse! Dec 20th 2010

less than 1 minute read

The first total lunar eclipse in two years will grace the sky the night of Monday, Dec. 20, and we want you to be there. Sure, it's a school night, but with ...

Color survey

less than 1 minute read

Color is subjective and people see colors differently sometimes wildly differently. Where someone sees the color red a different person will see orange or ye...