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Programming Competition Prisoners Dilemma

1 minute read

I have been trying to think of a simple programming competition that we can run at the next SHHH (Super Happy Hacker House) at the Vancouver Hackspace.

The 9th Annual Hot One Inch Action - Teeth

1 minute read

I have been accepted in to “the 9th Annual Hot One Inch Action” art show in Vancouver. The show will be at Hot Art Wet City Pop Up Gallery (752 E Broadway) o...

Geo Caching with Wooden nickles

1 minute read

I recently went on a trip to New York for the World Maker Faire. My plan was to make a bunch of wooden nickles that resembled Geo Coins and put them in sever...

I visited Hacklab hackerspace

less than 1 minute read

While visiting Toronto I was able to make it down to Hacklab.To and get a tour of their space.