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Star-wars engraving with a laser cutter

less than 1 minute read

For a friends birthday I laser etched a few starwars scenes in to wood with VHS’s Laser cutter. I only had a limited time so I was unable to experimented wit...

Getting started with your Raspberry PI

2 minute read

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card-sized single-board computer developed in the UK by the Raspberry Pi Foundation with the intention of promoting the teaching...

GeoGramOne - GPS tracker to Google maps

1 minute read

A few weeks ago I ordered a GeoGramOne board from DSScircuits. Its a Open source GPS tracker that was succefuly funded on Kickstarter. The board combines a G...

The Giant Claw Game! - Post Mortem

2 minute read

Things didn’t go as planed, the claw broke with the very first kid. I added min and max limit switch to the claw to tell when the claw was fully open or full...

The Giant Claw Game! - Problems

4 minute read

The Giant claw game can be broken down in to a few parts. The Claw, The Joystick, The Gantry/Cube, The XY table, The Cart, Control system