Fixing a broken particle photon firmware in windows for the L3D Cube


    After lending my L3D cube to a friend for a few weeks it came back with a red SOS blinking pattern on the photon. I tried following particle’s instructions for recovering the photon from a red SOS but they never worked as the drivers for the photon for the DFU mode.

    I stumbled upon these instructions and they were able to resolve my problems How to Flash the Latest Firmware to Particle Photon using Windows

    My L3DCube is working again, Woot!

    26 of 100 for #the100dayproject. A L3D cube kit build. 512 leds, sound reactive, programmable, spark core, arduino compatible, lots of fun. #led #l3d, #kit #Kickstarter, Thank you @lookingglassfactory

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