Laser cutting in Vancouver


    Laser cutting in Vancouver

    A laser cutter is an amazing tool. Its simple enough to be teach in a single day and easy to produce high quality projects. A laser cutter should be one of the first tools that every maker-space should buy. Until recently laser cutters we expensive to buy and run, but that is changing with cheap Chinese imports and local distributors competing on price.

    This guide is for beginners that are just getting started with laser cutting and experts to gain inspiration and better understanding of their tools.

    Why trust me

    ~4000 hours of laser cutting time, ~2000 hours of designing, and ~250 hours of repair and maintenance over a 5 year period. I have done a complete rebuild of a cheap Chinese import and made my own 2w laser diode paper laser cutter.

    When I got a laser cutter for the first time I was hooked. I spent every spare moment making projects for it. I started using it in all my projects, it became the most important tool in my toolbox. I started writing applications, plugins, and tools to make it easier to produce files for the laser cutter in various ways. I taught workshops and have given lighting talks on the subject.

    Most of my open source laser cutter projects can be found in my github repos. ( @funvill )

    Where to get your projects done in vancouver

    If you are in Vancouver, you are lucky to have many places to get your projects cut.

    Buying and running your own laser cutter


    The experts and where to get inspiration

    So many great resources for laser cutting. This section will grow over time as I add new resources.


    Instagram is a great place to start.


    Places to avoid

    With all the good places in Vancouver to get your laser cutter projects done there bound to be a few bad places. The Vancouver Hackspace (VHS) is one of these horrible places. Their laser cutter has broken for weeks and with no timeline for when it will be fixed, it’s unreliable. The safety course is pathetic and will get people hurt. Their home made air filter (Safety equipment) is sketchy at best, they just don’t care about the heath of their members or neighbors. Their community is toxic, where even good people will fail at their projects.

    If you been to the Vancouver Hackspace, don’t let them ruin your experience with laser cutters. Try one of the many alternatives.