Earthquake Kits for Vancouver


    I live in Vancouver, BC, a city near the edge of two of these tectonic plates: the massive North American plate, and the smaller Juan de Fuca plate. There is a good chance that me, and my loved ones are going to live though a large earthquake in my lifetime.

    Research shows that there is a 1 in 4 chance that we will have another major earthquake within the next 50 years. Source A active list of Earthquakes that have happened in the last 30 days in BC.

    This lead me to build my own earthquake kits. I found that most of the items need in my spare parts bins from previous projects. Other items I purchased from China as I was in no hurry to get these done. I tried to optimize for space and weight.

    Earthquake kit

    Below is what is in my own kit based on based on the recommendations from the City of Vancouver’s make a earthquake kit page.

    Total: < $30.00

    Along with the kits I also included a checklist of personal things that they should add to the kit.

    Making a plan

    Making a plan for emergency is just as important as the Earthquake kit. The Canadian government has good generator for making a emergency plan.