3D printing in vancouver


    3D printing in Vancouver

    If you are a beginner, that wants to get into the craft of 3D printing, or are looking to get an objected printed. This guide will help you get started.

    A 3D printing services is useful, If you are looking for a local 3D printing service and want the end product without having to do the work yourself.

    Buying a 3D printer

    The 3D printing industry is rapidly changing with new technologies and 3D printers being released everyday. Its hard to recommend a single company or printer because of how fast things are changing. I have found this from guide from 3DHubs on what 3D printer to buy to be one of the best resources for selecting a printer. Their 3D printer index is updated constantly based on the feedback from the 3DHubs comunity.

    I personally use a Wanhao Duplicator i3. Its a cheap, workhorse of a printer that has served me for ~1200 hours without too much problems. I also can highly recommend the Ultimaker 2+ and Tinkerine Ditto Pro. They cost more, but they are as close as plug in play as you can get.

    Ultimaker 2

    Learning about 3D printers.

    The best way to learn is by doing. Maker Labs runs a 3D printing & scanning course every few weeks. The course goes though the basics of several different types of 3D printers and how to operate them. This course is open to youths as well as adults.


    After you know how to use a 3D printer, the next thing is to join a community and talk with the experts. 3D604 is the local 3D Printer meetup run by John Biehler one of the leading experts in the 3D printing industry. (Named Top 100 Innovator in 3D Printing, and Top 20 Influencer in 3D Printing). I also suggest joining this 3d Printing group on facebook. Its great to see all the amazing things that people make each day with their 3D printers.

    3dhubs forums can be over-welling, with dozens of new posts a day, but its one of the best resources online that I have found.

    Where do you get 3D printable models ?

    Places to avoid

    The worst place to print or learn about 3D printing in Vancouver is, The Vancouver hackspace (VHS). Their tools are constantly broken, they have no staff, and the volunteers that run the 3D printers are horrible people. If your first experience is from VHS then you probably won’t like 3D printing. They do a lot of harm to the 3D printing community and make it harder for others to get into it. Avoid them at costs! Luckily there are a lots of alternatives.